Nicholas Olate : Think Big

Think Big

Nicholas Olate

“Think Big,” is a captivating and moving album that heralds the arrival of a gifted pop singer, dancer, and performer.  Grammy songwriter-producer Tommy Marolda (Imagine Dragons, Killers, Rod Stewart) was enlisted to make Nicholas’ debut release sound familiar, while striving to create his own signature sound.

Nicholas has crafted his songs precisely the way he’s always envisioned.  He’s created an album in “Think Big” that is the culmination of where he’s been and where he’s going.  It’s a project Nicholas hopes will win him the notoriety that is possible, given the scope and quality of his songs and performances.  He continues, “I’m very excited to have my album coming out along with the “Dogs” Christmas album and our theatre show in the works.  And I’ll bet you didn’t know our dogs sing too.”

With his confident and likable personality, along with a sound being compared to a young Justin Timberlake, Nicholas’ debut release on Los Angeles based Domo Music Group is sure to be a hit with fans.

Track List
01.  Spotlight On Love Tonight
02.  Roll Over Like A Dog
03.  Bullet Train To Tokyo
04.  She’s A Flirt
05.  If You Wanna Stay Baby
06.  Open Up
07.  One Night Stand
08.  Flakin’
09.  Destiny Is Stuck To The Bottom Of My Shoe
10.  Think Big
11.  Angel In My Bed
12.  You Thrill Me (Like The Greatest Show On Earth)