“NICHOLAS” Olate has completed his debut CD album “THINK BIG” with Grammy Songwriter-Producer Tommy Marolda.  (Imagine Dragons, Cher, Richie Sambora, Killers).  Sounding like a cross between Justin Timberlake and Ed Sheeran, this 20 year-old performer hits the national touring stage with his dance crew sometime this summer.Nicholas Olate has been performing with his father since the age of 6.  He grew up with many dogs in the house and started early learning how to care for these beautiful animals.  As Nick got older he was given more responsibilities and he is now Richard’s right hand man in everything dogs.  Nicholas has also developed into a great performer and compliments Richard’s dynamic personality beautifully on the stage.  The Olate Dog act is a beautifully choreographed routine that is both exciting and unique.