Olate Dogs Star in New Rescue Film "Dog's Best Friend"


This is Bella.  She is our very energetic, loving Labradoodle.  Bella is very sweet and likes nothing better than to smother you with huge wet kisses.  She LOVES to perform and can hardly contain herself on stage waiting for her turn.



Oso is a standard poodle and our biggest baby. He has such a funny personality, he keeps us entertained.  Oso is in love with Bella and spends much of his day trying to play with and get her attention.


Maggie is a Labradoodle.  She and Lili are sisters.  Maggie loves the sofa! We call her our little couch potato.  She likes to play only sometimes, she much prefers to lounge.  Maggie is very sweet but she is a lady of liesure!