The Olate Dogs: Canine performers from ‘America’s Got Talent’ bring their show to Loveland

The winners of the 2012 season of “America’s Got Talent” will be making a stop at the Rialto Theater Center on Saturday. The Olate Dogs will be performing their high-energy variety act with Richard and Nicholas Olate leading the pack.

“It’s not your typical dog show.  There is no Frisbee-throwing or anything like that.  It’s very unique in itself,” said Nicholas Olate.

Richard began the show 49 years ago.  Nicholas has been part of the act for 17 years, starting when he was 5.  The group received national recognition in 2012 when took the top spot on “America’s Got Talent.”  Since then, the group has been traveling nonstop from big cities to small towns.

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